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Blue & White Game Recap

Great turnout at the tailgate party and the Blue & White game tonight!!

LOTS of players got DUNKED in the dunk tank!

Hockey 101 was a great introduction for this hockey noob, I learned a ton about ref calls and used my new knowledge during the game to disagree with the actual refs. :D Shout out to the Bighorns Booster Club for hosting the class! I was so engrossed in getting a blackout Hockey Bingo that I forgot to take a picture of the presentation, but please enjoy this snapshot of the live reenactments of penalty calls:

The game was great, too! Grey jerseys vs Black jerseys and the players were awesome to see. There was a lot of talent on the ice tonight and the guys played a great game! I'm excited to get to know the new skaters, if they look this good this early, we are in for an amazing season! The guys played hard and didn't beat on each other too much except a few tussles and some pretty epic checks and even a little bit of blood. Hopefully Feamster's lip doesn't swell up too much after getting accidentally slashed to the face. Sorry, man!

Ultimately the Grey jerseys won 4-2 (I was rooting for Black, because I'm a bit of a Schindel fan) but not for lack of trying! There were some really amazing setups by the Black team and some pretty slick shots on the goal.

Stay tuned for player lineups and more updates as the 2023 hockey season starts to ramp up!


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