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Recap - Bighorns vs. Butte Cobras

Last Friday's game had me so tense I could have cracked walnuts with my butt cheeks. I wanted a double-digit shut-out SO BAD! But alas, we had to settle for a 10-1 score so I'm not wholly disappointed.

The stands were pretty packed out (considering it was an exhibition game), and the crowd had great energy. Flag Guy was breaking a sweat by the eighth goal, but he was a trooper and ran the crowd all ten times!

The team played like they were a force to be reckoned with, the whole game was played like we are a well-oiled machine. We definitely kicked Butte's butt, and some old beef was duked out on the ice. Butte finally made their only scoring goal in the last 7 minutes of the game, but I guess better late than never...

Here's us making our TENTH goal of the game!

If you can't make it to a game, but want live updates, follow our Twitter! We even live Tweet away games and include clips!

After the game, a couple of our guys took a knee on the ice which is always a class act. Love to see it!

Once everyone was off the ice, we got to hang out and say hi to some of the players (Hi, Feamster!!) and went and hung out with the other superfans in the new bar upstairs.

Next game is Sept 15 against the Quakes. See you there!

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