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Unofficial Recap: Bighorns vs. Irish Oct 6

An intense win for the Bighorns tonight with their first shut out of the season, a fantastic victory for Malik Johnson. Ty Moore scored a hat trick before the game was half over and the final period was marred by a massive fight involving several players from each team. It is unclear if there will be any further penalties or suspensions from the fight.

Period 1

The Helena Bighorns dominated the Butte Irish in the first period of their game tonight, outshooting them 20-6. The Bighorns also scored three unanswered goals, which were scored by forward Ty Moore (29) and Trey Pareja (10).

Moore's first goal came at 11:45, assisted by Trey Pareja (10) and Kelton Chadwick (28). His second goal came at 14:32, assisted by Chadwick and Jack Lambert (17). Pareja scored the Bighorns' third goal at 16:02, assisted by Tim Mattingly (26) and Moore.

The Irish's only play on the board for the period came at 12:49, when Carson Streich (18) was called for tripping.

Period 2

The Helena Bighorns continued their dominance in the second period of their game against the Butte Irish , outshooting them 18-11 and scoring five more goals to take a 8-0 lead.

The Bighorns' first goal of the period came at 1:00, when Dylan Cunningham (22) scored, assisted by Ty Moore (29) and Garett Bogan (5). Jack Lambert (17) scored the Bighorns' second goal of the period at 2:42, assisted by Finn Theriault (9) and Jason Hammett (16).

After Lambert's goal, Butte switched goalies from Keegan Strong (31) to Braylon Rogers (77).

The period didn't show well for Rogers, though, as the Bighorns' third goal of the period came at 6:30, when Finn Theriault (F #9) scored, assisted by Owen Ramsay (D #4) and Mason Eggen (D #8).

Butte's only penalty of the period came at 11:15, when Luke Bouzas (D #25) was called for boarding.

The Bighorns scored their fourth goal of the period on the power play, when Finn Theriault (9) scored at 6:03, assisted by Owen Ramsay (4) and Mason Eggen (8) and then Theriault scored again at 16:01, asssited by Gavin Barr (24) and Eggen.

The Bighorns will look to shut out the Irish in the third period.

Period 3

The Helena Bighorns cruised to a 9-0 victory over the Butte Irish in their game tonight, outshooting them 54-23 in total.

The Bighorns' only goal of the third period came at 16:35, when Trey Pareja (10) scored for the second time this game, assisted by Dylan Cunningham (22) and Kelton Chadwick (28).

The third period was marred by a massive fight at 14:30, which involved Luke Bouzas (25) and Carson Streich (18) of the Irish and Braden Cunningham (19), Camden Cunningham (21), Mason Eggen (8), and Owen Ramsay (4) of the Bighorns. The Irish's Brennan Morgan (82) and Alex Ulyanov (21) also joined in the fray.

The Bighorns will look to continue their winning streak in their next game against the Irish tomorrow, October 7, at the Steed Arena in Helena. Doors open at 6pm, puck drops at 7:05.

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