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Unofficial Recap: Bighorns vs. Quake

Total domination...

Absolute annihilation...

Outright shellacking...

Whatever you want to call it, it was a good weekend for the Bighorns.

We are officially the ONLY undefeated team in the league! #letsgobighorns

Shout out to the Quake players, fans and coaches for coming to Helena and playing a couple good games. You guys put in the time, work and sweat and we appreciate your efforts! Always a pleasure to beat you guys fair and square on the ice. Come back anytime.

Quick note: If you've been here before, I usually put out a detailed recap after each game, but I'm trying a new format, one recap per weekend put out Sunday afternoons. Any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment or email me at


Friday night ended in a total shutout 9-0, with a ridiculous 86 shots by our offensive on the Quake goalies. We worked their goalies so hard, they had to split the load and swap out goalies halfway through the game. Fortunately, though, they are both named John which made the heckling a little easier.

Meanwhile, Quake offensive managed a measly 4 shots on our goal. Lamont blocked each one effortlessly. His biggest hurdle this game was overcoming the boredom and chill that comes with standing by yourself on the ice for so many hours. A true champion.

First period Theriault (assisted by Bogan) scored, then Ramsay scored his first goal of the season (assisted by Camden Cunningham). Dylan Cunningham and Pareja both got penalties, but the Quake couldn't capitalize on the power plays.

Second period, Barr (Camden Cunningham, Jack Lambert), Mattingly (Dylan Cunningham, Chadwick), Dylan Cunningham (Chadwick, Heibert), and Camden Cunningham (Dylan Cunningham, Barr) all scored while Quake's Perez spent a good portion of the period in the penalty box and gave us several power play opportunities which we were able to capitalize on.

Third period started with Moore scoring in the first 20 seconds of the period (assisted by Feamster, Lambert), then Lambert (Theriault, Dylan Cunningham) and finally, with only 22 seconds left in the game, Mattingly (Hudson, Chadwick) scored showing that the Bighorns boys play full strength for the entire game. There were too many penalties to list in the 3rd period, notably Cameron Young got an Unsportsmanlike and then didn't play Saturday night, likely because of a suspension.

Top Performers:
  • Dylan Cunningham #22 (1 goal, 4 assists)

  • Jack Lambert #17 (1 goal, 2 assists)

  • Camden Cunningham #21 (1 goal, 2 assists)

  • Kelton Chadwick #28 (3 assists)

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Saturday night, the Quake came back for another beating, with the Bighorns winning 9-1. We made 67 shots on their goal, and the Quake rallied and made nearly quintuple the shots on our goal, 19 whole shots. Wow.

First period, Pareja left the box with a bang, scoring the first two goals (assisted by Mattingly, Moore, Eggen) within 6 minutes of the puck dropping. Elmer (Chadwick, Dylan Cunningham) and Camden Cunningham (Mattingly, Braden Cunningham) scored as well, making it a very exciting first period. Quake's Perez found himself in the penalty box (again), and our Mattingly got put in time out for holding.

Second period Bogan (Moore, Mattingly) scored twice, Moore (Pareja, Mattingly) scored and Pareja earned himself a hat trick (assisted by Eggen, Moore). Moore, Bogan and Quake's Saulle ended up in the penalty box.

During the third period, Camden Cunningham (Dylan Cunningham, Mattingly) scored our ninth and final goal and the Quake finally bored our goalie into submission and scored in the last 6 minutes of the game. Not a total shut out, but 18-1 in a weekend is still pretty embarrassing.

Top Performers:
  • Trey Pareja #10 (3 goals, 1 assist) Hat Trick!

  • Tim Mattingly #26 (6 assists) Wingman!

  • Ty Moore #29 (1 goal, 3 assists)

  • Garrett Bogan #5 (2 goals)

  • Camden Cunningham #21 (2 goals)

Next weekend, we play the (previously undefeated) Bozeman Icedogs. Friday night is an away game in Bozeman, Saturday the 21st will be at Steed Arena. See you all there!

Watch the games live on or follow our Twitter or Instagram for live game updates!

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