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Unofficial Recap: Bighorns vs. Quake Sept 15, 2023

We weren’t able to travel to Wyoming to watch the game with our superfan comrades, but we did watch on NAHLTV, and saw you guys cheering in the stands!

Now that our technical difficulties have been sorted out, I'll write up a review of the new platform in a future post.

What a crew we had in Wyoming to support our Bighorns! Thanks to all who traveled to show the love, and to all the players and crew who squashed played against the Quake!


First period was not terribly eventful, except for Dylan Cunningham got a 2 minute penalty for interference and shortly after that, scored the first goal with 5:05 left to the period. Speaking of Dylan, watch for our interview with him coming very soon!

Bogan opened the second period with a 2 minute penalty for hooking. The rest of the period was chaos. We got so many goals, it was hard to keep track. I suppose that’s a good problem to have. Bogan, Braden Cunningham, Theriault and Theriault (again) scored, meanwhile we racked up 39 shots shots on their goal. We kept the Quake goalie Hughes real busy. Meanwhile, Schindel (Shin….? Chantrelle? Schindler? IYKYK) only blocked 10 shots from the Quakes on our goal.

The end of period three was utter chaos. First, Nichols (Quake, 24) got 2 minutes for tripping and 2 minutes for roughing. Shortly after, our own Camden Cunningham (24) and Trevor Ripley (21) of the Quake got into an impressive fight with 0:26 left and both earned 2 minutes for roughing and 10 minutes for misconduct, so we will see them both sit out for the majority of the first period at the next game. The refs had their hands full pulling those two apart.

Ended the game 6-0 with 76 shots on goal to Quake’s 13 shots.


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