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Unofficial Recap: Bighorns vs. Quake Sept 16

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

First Period

The Helena Bighorns came out flying in the first period, scoring three goals in the first five minutes of the game. Braden Cunningham (19) opened the scoring just 17 seconds into the game, assisted by Nexon Heibert (20). Ty Moore (29) followed that up with a goal of his own just over two minutes later, assisted by Owen Ramsey (4) and Jack Lambert (17).

The Quake got their first chance at an easy goal with a power play at 16:33, but the Bighorns shut them out and answered back less than two minutes later with a goal from Garrett Bogan (5), assisted by Lambert (17) and Moore (29).

The Bighorns continued to dominate the period, outshooting the Quake with 24-4 shots on goal. The Bighorns head into the second period with a 4-0 lead.

Players of the Period

  • Braden Cunningham: 2 goals

  • Jack Lambert: 3 assists

  • Ty Moore: 1 goal, 2 assists

  • Garrett Bogan: 1 goal

Second Period

The Helena Bighorns and Quake started the second period with the Quake on a power play, and they wasted no time scoring their first goal of the weekend at 18:37.

The Bighorns then went on two power plays of their own following a Quake penalty for elbow to the head and another for holding, making a 5-on-3 power play for the Bighorns. They capitalized on the power plays with a goal from Garret Bogan (5) at 15:18. The goal was assisted by Camden Cunningham (21) and Tim Mattingly (26).

The period got chippy at 11:21 when Nichols and Dylan Cunningham (22) started fighting. Both players were given five-minute majors for fighting and ejections for game misconduct.

The Quake also lost Jason Hammett for the game at 11:21 when he was given a five-minute major for spearing.

The Bighorns and Quake went to the locker room at 5-1 for the Bighorns and a whopping 48 to only 7 shots on goal after the second period.

Players of the Period

  • Camden Cunningham: 1 goal

  • Garrett Bogan: 1 goal

  • Nexon Heibert: 1 assist

  • Braden Cunningham: 1 assist

Third Period

The Helena Bighorns dominated the third period of their game against the Yellowstone Quake, outscoring them 4-0 and outshooting them 48-7.

Ty Moore scored two goals in the third period, giving him a hat trick for the game. His first goal came at 18:45, assisted by Jack Lambert (17) and Owen Ramsay (4). His second goal came at 13:41, assisted by Joe Feamster (23).

The Bighorns added two more goals in the third period, one from Kelton Chadwick (28) at 8:45 and one from Elijah Elmer (13) assisted by Owen Ramsey (4) and Fisher Hudson (27) with only 0:26.5 left in the game.

The Bighorns won the game 10-1.

Players of the Period

  • Ty Moore: 2 goals, 1 assist, hat trick

  • Chadwick: 1 goal

  • Elmer: 1 goal

The Helena Bighorns defeated the Yellowstone Quake 10-1 in a dominant performance. The Bighorns outshot the Quake 72-11 and scored four goals in the third period to seal the victory.

Ty Moore (29) led the Bighorns with a hat trick, while Jack Lambert (17) had four assists. Kelton Chadwick (28) and Elijah Elmer (13) also scored goals for the Bighorns.


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